Introductory Offer - 2 classes for £12

Need to lose a few pounds?

Unfit and want a fun path to fitness?

Fit but want to get even fitter?

Forget any other form of so-called full body workout.

Bootcamp Pilates in London gets you the body you want in a whole new dynamic way.

Our trainers will get you motivated to achieve a toned body and you'll be feeling fantastic.  Like everyone who comes to Bootcamp Pilates studios, you'll become addicted. Using the Reformer Pilates machines and performing Dynamic exercises, your body will be sculpted like never before and taken to a whole new level of fitness. Prepare for your posture, strength and shape to be totally transformed.

We are dedicated to giving you the most balanced and safest pilates workout.  In addition to our standard Reformer Pilates classes, you can also try our alternative fitness classes at our studios, all based around the same theme:  Boxilates, Jump boards and Express classes offer something a little different and will give you the best buzz there is.

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Bootcamp Pilates Studios in London and Surrey!

In addition to the original London Pilates studio in Notting Hill West London, Bootcamp has expanded, opening studios in The City East London, Fulham in South London and Richmond in Surrey.

You will use state-of-the-art reformer machines by Balanced Body, giving you the ultimate cardiovascular workout and strengthening your core & flexibility muscles to give you a lean, balanced physique.

Latest News

Brand New Class!!

12 June 2014


Our latest addition to the timetable is the High Intensity Interval Pilates (HIIP) class. The HIIP class is intense and will condition the whole body, whipping you into shape in no time at all.

The class will consist of exercises both on and off the reformer machine and will boost your fitness, strength and stamina, while also burning fat!

No prior experience is necessary, as the 55-minute class will cater for all levels of fitness. You can trust our expert instructors to make sure you get a challenging workout whatever your level of fitness.

It is guaranteed that during this class you will SWEAT! The Instructors will put you through your paces during this tough, upbeat and energising workout, raising your heart rate on and off the reformer Pilates machine.

The HIIP class is perfect for anyone looking to burn fat, improve muscle tone and increase their fitness.