Brand New Class!!

12 June 2014


Our latest addition to the timetable is the High Intensity Interval Pilates (HIIP) class. The HIIP class is intense and will condition the whole body, whipping you into shape in no time at all.

The class will consist of exercises both on and off the reformer machine and will boost your fitness, strength and stamina, while also burning fat!

No prior experience is necessary, as the 55-minute class will cater for all levels of fitness. You can trust our expert instructors to make sure you get a challenging workout whatever your level of fitness.

It is guaranteed that during this class you will SWEAT! The Instructors will put you through your paces during this tough, upbeat and energising workout, raising your heart rate on and off the reformer Pilates machine.

The HIIP class is perfect for anyone looking to burn fat, improve muscle tone and increase their fitness.

Beach Body Challenge

25 April 2014


In a bikini panic?

Join Bootcamp Pilates' Beach Body Challenge and your bikini body will be sorted in no time! 

As many of you already know, our Pilates classes are fast, fun, intense and results-driven, all of which are key to get your bodies in shape over the next coming months. The package we are launching can be purchased in two formats: 16 classes in one month or 32 classes in two months, which works out to four classes a week! We know that sounds tough but we are Bootcamp Pilates after all! If you’re willing to make the commitment we will guarantee that you will see the difference.

The other exciting news about our Beach Body Challenge is that we have partnered with some fantastic companies to give you additional advice on how to prepare for the beach this Summer. Companies such as Violet Lake Swimwear, Urban Kitchen, Vita Liberata, Every Second Counts, Layered online and Sarah Jayne Dunn for hair and make-up tips. All vital snippets to make sure you look the best on the beach in 2014.

So don’t wait any longer........ click here for the 32 class (2 month) option or click here for the 16 class (1 month) option and book your space today and we’ll see you in the studio soon! These packages will only be available to purchase until 31st May 2014.

Bootcamp's Easter Fun Promo

07 April 2014

You work hard and come along to as many classes as you can, because you know the full benefits of Pilates. Well, there is now another reason for coming along to class and that is our great Easter fun deal.

Starting on Monday 7th April, every third class that you do will allow you to select one of our Easter eggs from the basket at reception. So, for example, you come along for class on Saturday, then another on Sunday and, finally, a class on Monday.  On completion of Monday's class, you can choose your egg and get your Easter gift. Then, your cycle starts again from your next class.

bootcamp easter offerThere are a great selection of prizes inside the eggs:

Star prize - A private class with the trainer of your choice

Various discounts off different class packages

Free classes

Match offer - buy one class package and get 50% off a second matching package

Pilates socks

The Easter egg prizes will run up to, and including, Easter Monday 21st April, so you could, potentially, win 4 prizes in total, if you do a class every day of that period. Unfortunately, £12 for 2 classes do not count towards this so you will need to get those 2 classes out of the way first, before your classes then qualify. 

You just need to work hard and then it's the luck of the draw - Good Luck!

Valentines Competition Winner

17 February 2014

The Valentine's competition is now closed and we are pleased to announce that the winner is Jacquelene Lagioia.

Valentine's Competition

13 February 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Bootcamp Pilates.

As a token of our love, we’re giving you the chance to win a session with the Love Mentor, Elizabeth Sullivan and 5 free classes at Bootcamp Pilates! Elizabeth runs a successful coaching and mentoring consultancy called The Love Mentor ( and has many successful female clients who have been focusing on theircareer and who now want the same success in their love life. Her clients have recognized that, just as they receive interpersonal skills training in their professional lives, it makes sense to do the same in their love lives. Elizabeth has found that successful women, without realizing it, often have traits that prevent men (and other women) from considering them as potential partners. She helps them to overcome these romantic and emotional obstacles.


For your chance to win a free session with her and 5 free sessions at Bootcamp Pilates, all you need to do is send your answers to the quiz below to


1) Who played the lead role in the movie Hitch?

  • A. Julia Roberts
  • B. Will Smith
  • C. Kevin Bacon 


2) What is the name of the main female character in the book Twilight?

  • A. Bella Swan
  • B. Anastasia Steele
  • C. Hermione Granger


3) Who sang the song, “I will always love you?”

  • A. Daft Punk
  • B. The Beatles
  • C. Whitney Houston


4) Who wrote the book "Pride & Prejudice"?

    A. Danielle Steel
  • B. Jane Austen
  • C. Dan Brown


The winner will be notified on Monday 17th February.  Good Luck !


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