Meet the trainers

Here at Bootcamp Pilates, we pride ourselves on the highest standards of training for our instructors and not all those who start the course make it to the end.  Our thorough and Industry recognised training course, requires candidates to posess the highest standards at the outset and retains Pilates at the core of the teaching. Our trainers are left with a great foundation on which to build their own personality into the classes and their varied fitness industry backgrounds allow each to add a different edge to their classes. Our clients are the most important people but the trainers are the ones who help them to achieve their goals.  

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  • Alex Castro

    Alex is a highly motivated, Premier-trained personal trainer. Having been a semi-professional basketball player and trained in the martial art of Thai boxing for 5 years, his wide range of training techniques and immense enthusiasm make every session thoroughly enjoyable. His routines are dynamic and fast flowing, ensuring that every minute of the class is used in the most effective way for your workout.

  • Ami Acharya

    Amrita may be pocket-sized (for your convenience!) but her principal quality in class is drive, modified by a sense of humour that varies from dry to sheer silliness. Another one with a dance and movement background, she has Pilates training from the YMCA and is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer. Her disciplines outside work include Bikram Yoga and the gym; whilst her spare time, if she has any, is taken up by reading, film, theatre, travelling, coffee and a lot of shoes. She relaxes by dancing or doing hot yoga, followed by a glass of red and a deep tissue massage. 

    A mini dynamo, Ami believes in giving her clients both encouragement and TLC, but she won't let them get away with anything.

  • Ashton Turner

    Ashton maintains he is enthusiastic and charming (also modest!), orchestrating workouts that are progressive and challenging but also enjoyable. With a degree in Sports Coaching from UWIC University in Wales, he taught football in America, Australia and the UK, before moving on to Pilates. He's a level 1 Strength & Conditioning coach with additional training in functional movement systems and a Level 3 in Personal Training.

    Outside of work, he enjoys football and weightlifting (hardly a giant, as he trains in the 77kg category), photography, music, comedy, books and films, and likes to fit in as many social activities as possible. With few culinary skills, he likes eating out, and plays the guitar to relax. Also a Gemini.

    Ashton stands by the latin mens sana in corpore sano (healthy in body and in mind), an attitude he brings to his classes, believing that a healthy physique enables us all to cope with the stresses of every day life.

  • Barry Jung

    Barry is half American, half German, with the discipline of the latter and the easy-going attitude of the former. A professional dancer, having performed all over the world in jazz, ballet and contemporary - he got out while still (relatively) sane and became a Level 3 Personal Trainer, applying the same methodical perfectionism to Pilates, as he did to dance. A dating agency would credit him with a laid back approach and GSOH. Outside of the studio environment, he's a socialite, enjoying cooking, cinema, theatre and ballet. He watches TV to unwind. but he also plays aggressive tennis to channel his dark side.

    Barry brings a dancers grace and method to his classes; classes which offer a unique opportunity to both work out and chill out, particularly through his choice of music.

  • Ben Andrews

    Ben is a fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer with a degree in Sport and exercise science. He has furthered his knowledge with qualifications in Spin, Exercise to music, Circuit training and the Power plate. He is also in the process of completing a level 4 qualification in lower back pain. Always around gyms before and after gaining his degree, he has enjoyed helping gym members around the Bedford area to achieve their fitness goals. His ambition is to set up his own Personal Training business and to specialise in helping lower back pain sufferers. A keen footballer, he plays weekly and strongly believes that improving flexibility and enhancing core strength increases anyone's ability in sporting performance or day to day tasks. He also enjoys playing tennis and any opportunity to do cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting. With a Vo2 max of 71 and an average heart rate in the low 50's, he's very laid back, especially when playing guitar or banging the drums. He is keen to point out that he does have more hair than Phil Collins.

  • Ben Newton

    Don’t be fooled by Ben’s smiley Mr Nice Guy approach.  His classes are still tough.  It’s just that you forgive him for putting you through it as he always compliments you and does so very politely.  Ben can be found teaching at our Notting Hill and Richmond studios.

    Coming from a Physiotherapy background, Ben also has an A list of private clients.

  • Carly Day

    Carly is eager to help people to realise the full potential of their bodies through education and modification of activities and she likes to do so in a fun way. With a degree in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention, Carly has a great Pilates grounding and has taught Stott matwork for 3 years and reformers for 2. Carly always aims to get people working in the best form they can, but don't be fooled that the classes will be easy - it's that adherence to form that makes it harder. Do it properly and you'll know about it.

  • David Pexton

    David has lives in Richmond for many years and loves it - as he does Pilates, which he discovered some time ago. Qualified as a REPs level 3 Personal Trainer, when he isn't teaching other people to exercise, he exercises himself. But he also likes to learn new things and enjoys gardening, preparing - and eating - good food, and the occasional glass of wine. One of the things he finds both creative and relaxing is 'tinkling the ivories' on his Grand piano! When all else fails, he'll curl up with his cats and a book.

    A Sagittarius with a dry sense of humour, our very own Liberace brings both fire and empathy to his sessions, along with a great party soundtrack.

  • Harry Rowland

    Harry's a capricorn, down-to-earth and honest. A former professional rugby player, he still competes at a high level and carries his toughness into the studio, where he will give clients a truly thorough workout. Sometimes a little dominating at first, he's always fun during the session, throwing in the occasional one-liners.  He is always very approachable for help, advice and exercise corrections.

    Always giving 100% commitment, Harry looks for the same in his clients and will make sure that nothing less is given.

  • Ivo Ducros

    Ivo is a dedicated man who claims simplicity as his main virtue, yet he has a dark side which can manifest itself in flashes of black humour. He trained at the National Sports Academy in Sofia, and qualified as a P.E teacher. His background includes wrestling and karate, and he occasionally likes to roll in the mud to Guns & Roses. He's nicknamed Evil Ivo for his drive and the way he works his clients. Off duty he's interested in mountain trekking, tossing healthy pancakes, ancient civilizations.....ornithology.

    Ivo adds a strong element of the boot in bootcamp, but his no-nonsense attitude goes over well with the clients and he is one of the few trainers who can be found in all the studios.

  • Jaclyn Liang

    (Photo to follow) Jaclyn joined us after leaving her 9-5 job in Richmond; having been a Bootcamp Pilates client, she really does feel your pain! Her strong appetite for Wanderlust is shown in that she has lived in Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles, before eventually landing back in London. A level 3 and NASM qualified personal trainer, you'll often find her working out and honing her skills at other trainers classes. Jac loves cooking and trying out new restaurants with fellow foodies. As a fiery leo, her quiet nature should never fool you and she will put you through your paces in her classes; combining a variety of challenging and enjoyable (we think!) sequences and exercises. You'll find Jac in Notting Hill and Richmond.

  • James Woodhouse

    James has a laid back approach to life, he lives by the philosophy take care of your health and everything else will follow. He has developed a passion for human movement ever since he was an overactive kid and indulges in this passion by participating in everything from football to hiking and the occasional boogie. James teaches the notion the human body should function for over 100 years so, all those niggles that people obtain in the infancy of what we call middle age or earlier is totally preventable. By practicing moving with good technique we can live a pain free life and also achieve that six pack which we all crave.

  • Jay Brockway

    Jay has dedicated his whole life (as short as it has been so far) to fitness. He's outgoing, fun and very enthusiastic, as you'll find when attending his classes. A Level 3 Personal Trainer, he's specialised in kettle bells and Zumba. In his spare time he enjoys dancing, football (watching and playing) films and R&B music. He likes going out to dinner - if only because his cooking skills stop short at beans on toast.

    Jay is very focused and he transmits his energy and enthusiasm to everyone he trains.

  • Jordi Hulshof

    Jordi is a serious guy with a very dry wit. The discipline of his ballet training transfers to his classes and he places the emphasis on traditional Pilates, not progressing in the class until everyone has got the exercise right. When away from work he likes to spend time with friends or at the cinema. He'll sing in the shower and even drink alcohol - but not at the same time.  Many clients leave Jordi's classes asking about his music choices.

    Based in Notting Hill and Fulham, Jordi's classes offer both creativity and variety, making them extremely popular.

  • Julio Cesar Nadalini

    Julio is a Brazilian boy who is up to his game. He discovered his passion for fitness in Brazil, where he used to compete in different sports: Swimming, Rowing, Volleyball and Martial arts. From then on, he decided to help other people to achieve their goals. His qualifications include Personal training, Kettlebells, Power plate, TRX, Kickboxing, Spinning and other varieties of exercise. Julio understands how important is to look after your body, avoid injuries and increase your energy levels – and firmly believes that all exercise is better when it’s backed by with a life-affirming soundtrack of his favourite Latin rhythms! When he is not teaching, he enjoys time with friends and family and singing/dancing as much as he can. His guilty pleasure is visiting galleries and tracing manhole covers. He also enjoys a nice meal out.

  • Karmen Pirh

    Karmen claims to be strict yet patient, a good motivator and a perfectionist - with only a tiny sense of humour! Trained as a Pilates Body Instructor and Personal Trainer, her many years of experience includes teaching everything from water aerobics to group indoor cycling. She has studied pre- and post-natal Pilates and specialises in posture correction, fat loss training, muscle imbalance and the management and prevention of sports injuries.

    She insists on the correct technique in all exercises and that is the basis of all Pilates. When not working out, she has a wide range of interests, from art galleries and the cinema to music, books, travelling and inventing her own healthy recipes. She blogs, she bakes, she's the ultimate all-rounder. Karmen is incredibly good at encouraging her clients and developing routines that will both suit and stimulate everybody in her classes.

  • Korin Nolan

    Korin's a true Brit, self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek, yet 'abfab daaahling'! She gained a BA honours in dancing at the London college of dance, then went on to train at Body Control Pilates, where she gained her mat work teaching qualification. She's been teaching for eight years, writes a regular pilates column for the Bootcamp Pilates website and is co-author of the cookery/lifestyle book "How to Cook in High Heels". It is merely a matter of time before she has her own TV show. Her love of cooking can be seen in her healthy recipe creations. A Bootcamp Pilates class helps her to unwind, but failing that, there's always a glass of wine...

    Korin's someone who believes in enjoying life, and a regular workout should be part of that; not a painful duty but an exhilarating way to burn the calories - so you can eat a few more!

  • Lee Smith

    Lee's a typical Scorpio, intensely commited and friendly but with a vein of sarcasm. His whole life is centred on his work. A NASM and YMCA qualified Personal Trainer, he's spent seven years in the fitness industry and he believes in pushing his classes to the limit. He focuses on developing core strength, often at the cost of toil and sweat, if not blood and tears. An action man, he'll be in the gym even to relax, though he also enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.

    Lee is a tough trainer for those who relish a challenge. His motto "Without struggle, there's no purpose".  Lee can be found at our Fulham and Richmond locations.

  • Maria Cruz

    Maria describes herself as "a typical Venezuelan woman - interested in beauty, fitness and education". As a lawyer with 2 post-graduate degrees (International Trade & Finance and Tax & Immigration), she became a Personal Trainer when she arrived in London. With qualifications in kettlebells, TRX, spinning and Stott Pilates, she also specialises in postural alignment and muscle imbalances. When working out, Maria believes that if she does not rest, then her clients will not rest and correct form in exercise is crucial. After a hard day, Maria likes to relax with a Scotch on the rocks. If not, then she'll be doing Reformer Pilates, belly dancing, or at her Flamenco class.

  • Pawel Wysota

    Pawel has been interested in physical activity and Pilates, in particular since age 11, when diagnosed with scoliosis. A year of regular, one to one sessions, with a corrective exercise specialist, improved his posture and he was then able to really enjoy physical training. In his early 30s he took the professional path. He studied Philosophy at The Univerity of Gdansk in Poland and Jazz Performance in Ireland (Guildhall School of Music and Drama). A trip to India in 2008 to study Ashtanga Yoga opened his eyes for new opportunities and lower back pain forced him to look for more scientifically based forms of physical exercise. His understanding of the importance of injury prevention through Stott Pilates, Effective Movement Training and functional fitness (kettlebells, bulgarian bag) courses. Brazilian Jiu jitsu also aided his exploration journey through intelligent exercises. He doesn´t believe in the "no pain, no gain" theory, but rather in correct technique, patience and proper recovery, as the key to achieving results. His attentive, patient and caring manner comes through in his classes where you can expect corrections, static holds and micro movements - real attention to detail.

  • Samantha Gurner

    Sam left her career in the city for the very different world of fitness training - a more caring and people-oriented option for someone with her compassionate nature. She's a REPs level 4 Personal Trainer, qualified in pre- and post-natal disciplines and corrective exercise and GP referral, for those suffering from anything from back pain and hip replacement to diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and Parkinson's. Out of work, she enjoys travelling, exploring new places and renovating her Victorian house. In rare quiet moments, she'll chill out with good music and friends.

    Whatever your physical problem, whether it's medical or merely lack of exercise - Sam can help; her classes can transform your life, or simply make it a little easier.

  • Taryne McPherson

    Taryne is a vegan, long distance runner with three children. She has always been into fitness and competitive sports and you'll often find her racing in league races in-between being a mum and working! A Qualified Personal trainer, Pilates instructor, Taryne also teaches Kettle bells, Pre and Post natal, Functional training, Box-Fit and circuits. Taryne trains hard and encourages her clients to do the same but definitely with a motivational style. She enjoys Functional training and using her own body weight. "I'm big on clients expressing themselves, especially using the correct breathing technique, I often say if your not breathing hard you're not working hard enough." Taryne is a great lover of squats too and you'll never participate in one of her classes without doing this fabulous compound fat burning exercise.

  • Vicky Hilton

    Vicky is an Aquarian, bubbly as champagne, open-hearted and open-handed, with a quirky wit and plenty of it. Her strong Pilates background makes her classes demanding, so don't be surprised when you're having to make corrections to your posture. Trained in both ante- and post-natal exercise, she's one of our leads on Mum & Baby classes and has a wealth of knowledge in these areas. She likes to unwind with friends and fills any spare moments with a mixture of work and play.

    Vicky is the girl who takes the pain out of gain, but you will still know that you've had a great workout.